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 Association of Coffee Mill Enthusiasts

A nonprofit organization dedicated to finding and preserving old coffee grinders and gathering historical information about their manufacture.

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Join A.C.M.E. and enjoy great benefits...

Quarterly Grinder Finder newsletters packed full of photos, articles, restoration tips and want ads.

Annual fun-filled Conventions with auctions and lots of informal socializing and information-sharing.

Convenient Networking and learning opportunities with enthusiastic coffee Millaholics like you.

Easy access to Books and reference materials.


To gain additional insight into the A.C.M.E. world, take a look at these member websites:

http://www.antiquecountrystore.com/ by Dave & Sue Wentworth

http://www.coffeehouseinc.com/ By Robert Doerr

http://www.millmania.com/ by Judith Sivonda

Annual dues are $40 ($50 outside the continental US) which include membership, newsletters and convention discounts. If you are interested in becoming a member of A.C.M.E. and need additional information, please contact the club Treasurer:

Robert Palmer
PO Box 86
Olivet, MI 49076-0086
Ph. 269-749-2060
Email: rpalmer@ia4u.net

Or, if you are already convinced and simply wish to get started right away, please send the following information along with your payment to Robert Palmer at the address listed above:

Spouses Name
Mailing Address
City, State, Zip Code
Email Address

PLEASE NOTE: A.C.M.E. does not provide names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses to anyone and or any entities outside the organization. An annual Roster of members is published each year and distributed amongst its members. If you prefer not to have certain aspects of your personal information provided in the Roster, please make note of them. Every effort will be made to respect your Privacy.

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